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Yasoo Yani Restaurant

Bring your vehicle to a screeching halt!

Yasoo Yani Restaurant
326 E. Main Street
Stockton, CA
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I grew up in Stockton, yet patronized this establishment for the very first time only recently.


To be fair, it's downtown...off of a main thoroughfare...and I never knew it existed.  My cousin knows a few people who work there, and swore by the food.  I thought to myself, what does a 25-year old know about Greek food?

A lot, as it turned out.

Gyro Sandwich?  Amazing.  Perfect amounts of everything: just enough tsaziki, diced tomato, lamb...not a morsel left on the plate.  I stole a bite of my coworker's Moussaka and it was well-seasoned, hearty and served with fresh sauteed vegetables.

Great service, comfy atmosphere, and very generous prices.  I'll be back soon.

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