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Burr's Fountain

Shhh...a master's at work.

Burr's Fountain
4920 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA
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What's better than watching food being prepared on television?  Watching food being prepared right in front of you.

Lucky for me, all of the counter seats were available during my lunchtime visit.  I plopped down on a comfy, padded stool and tuned out the nonsense of the boisterous crowd behind me.  I instead focused on my sandwich and soda fountain options, trying not to salivate down the front of my hoodie.

Corned Beef Sandwich and Chocolate Phosphate, please!

I then turned my attention to a quiet, reserved older gentleman manning a station piled high with sandwich fixings, alongside two industrial-sized panini presses atop bread shelves filled with sourdough, 7-grain and both light and dark ryes.  After only a few moments, I realized this individual was single-handedly cranking out each and every food order, from hot dogs to Reubens to turkey salad...with nary a word spoken to the young men and women picking up and dropping off their orders.  He moved gracefully, yet speedily, as if to say, "A party of 20 just walked in?  Bring it on."

I was enjoying the show so much I was almost disappointed when my order came, providing a slight distraction from the one-man machine.  It was a delicious distraction, however: the perfect combination of juicy corned beef and rye, all washed down with a fizzy chocolate beverage that told me I wouldn't be needing another meal for hours.

The food and fountain treats are reason enough to come back, but the one-man show is the real highlight.  His frenzy likely started well before I arrived and ended quite some time after my departure.  I'm looking forward to that quiet entertainment again.

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