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Splash Cafe

Here comes the lunch crowd (at 9:30am)...

Splash Cafe
197 Pomeroy Avenue
Pismo Beach, CA
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Splash Café is located across the alley from another establishment that also serves clam chowder.

I feel sorry for the other place.

I’d read up on the café, and most articles suggested getting in line at breakfast time to enjoy hot chowder for lunch.

Although we’d just enjoyed a sugary carb bomb at Old West, we noticed a line starting to form around 9:30…and joined it.  Soon thereafter, while still waiting to order, the line grew, starting to snake around the building even before 10:00.

I ordered what 90% of the crowd was ordering: Chowder in a Bread Bowl.  An additional buck got me “extra seafood”, which proved to be a healthy portion of imitation crabmeat.  The steaming, creamy rich chowder arrived in a chewy bread bowl, and the “lid” of the bowl had been buttered and grilled to add a little crunch.  After a generous sprinkling of pepper, I gobbled it up as if I had just expended as many calories as the half-naked surfers in the room with me.

Finished and ready to explode, I proceeded out the door, vowing to eat nothing else for the rest of the day…and glad I’d worn loose clothing.

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