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Golden Star Cafe

Weiners over rice.  Viva America!

Golden Star Cafe
2121 S. El Dorado Street
Stockton, CA
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Few things in life disappoint me more than the moment I realize I've been missing out on something great...for decades!

A former coworker discovered Golden Star Cafe one day and, to his wife's dismay, ended up patronizing the establishment more often than he'd like to admit.  And rightfully so; your own efforts to ignore the silent beckoning of the ancient CHOP SUEY sign outside will prove futile.  Come to satisfy your curiosity of what may lie inside.  Stay to witness at least two generations prepping, cooking, serving, bussing tables and greeting most patrons by their first names as they enter the front doors. Especially charming is the husband/owner who displays genuine care and concern for each and every one of his customers.

GSC has been in business for a long time, and it looks like they've likely preserved many of the original fixtures: The booths look old.  The bar and barstools look old.  Hell, the menus are probably older than I am.  But most importantly, customers will tell you that the menu items have not changed much over the years.  Alongside lists of traditional soups and foo youngs is Weiners over Rice, a dish my coworker and I vowed to try on our next visit.

Ungodly portions are served here.  I watched as mound after mound of noodles, vegetables and fried rice made their ways to their respective tables.  My own Long Beans and Beef with Oyster Sauce over Rice was enough for lunch and two subsequent meals.  Crisp beans and tender, silky beef slices topped steamed rice with just enough sauce to complement, not drown, all of the ingredients.  At under $8, it was a real value.

What a gem of a restaurant!  Old school charm, first class service, top notch food...a rarity among today's establishments.  Keep up the good work, Golden Star Cafe.  I can't wait to go back!

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