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Huong Lan Sandwiches

This Bahn Mi was worth the body check.

Huong Lan Sandwiches
6930 65th Street, Suite 109
Sacramento, CA

One of my New Year resolutions is to LET THINGS GO.  My lunch trip to Huong Lan allowed me to practice this concept twice: first, when I had to battle a parking lot full of Asian drivers; and second, when an old lady rudely threw her entire body into me just to get a closer look at the menu above the cashier.

It was all worth it.

A few minutes later, and only $3 lighter, I was in my car, driving down Stockton Boulevard back to my office while making some very unladylike attempts to devour a #7 (Grilled Pork Banh Mi) with one hand on the steering wheel.  Delicious.

Now that I think about it, I should probably stop criticizing Asian drivers...

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