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Piaci Pub & Pizzeria

Menu, schmenu.  Ask the bartenders for suggestions.

Piaci Pub & Pizzeria
120 W. Redwood Avenue
Fort Bragg, CA
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Dubbed “Home of the Adult Pizza”, Piaci is the perfect neighborhood joint where you can take a date, meet your bros, or pick up a takeout order of some pretty phenomenal pizzas and salad.  Leave the kids at home, because that’s why men go to bars in the first place.

A wide variety of beers are poured by knowledgeable bartenders who sure as hell know how to make dinner suggestions, too.  Ten minutes were spent reading and re-reading the menu trying to make a decision until I heard one bartender offer another diner the option to order a half-and-half pie.  That’s the route we ended up taking.

Not long thereafter, it arrived: half Farmers and half Rosa, on a thin, crisp crust all blistered and smoky from the heavenly oven beside the old Italian in the kitchen who’d been twirling dough since we’d shown up.  The Farmers half was decadent with its fennel-rich sausage, caramelized onions and mozzarella; the Rosa was lighter and sweeter with Canadian ham, Roma tomatoes and mozzarella.  The entire pizza was complemented by a perfectly thin layer of tomato sauce and herbs, allowing the crunchy crust and toppings to shine through unlike so many inferior pizzas swimming in sauce these days.

At the end of our meal, we were sated and surrounded by the sounds of Tears for Fears.  Head over heels?  Yep.

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