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Stefano's - Two Guys From Italy

Time for my 9am feeding!

Stefano's - Two Guys From Italy
6705 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

The only way I justified following up a 1,000-calorie cupcake breakfast with a slice of New York-style pizza was the fact that I was about to hop onto a double-decker bus for a two-hour tour of L.A.  And last time I checked, those contraptions didn't sell food, right?

For a couple of bucks, they threw a substantial slice of cheese into the oven to warm up.  In the meantime, they graciously tossed me a token so I could use the ladies room.  Adorable!

By the time I was finished with my bid-ness, I was presented Breakfast 2.0 consisting of a crispy and chewy crust that supported a tasty cheese blend, oil glistening and ready to be blotted with at least a dozen napkins.  Best buy along the Hollywood Walk of Fame for sure...I'll just skip the cupcake next time.

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