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Freeport Bar & Grill

My only suggestion?  Bigger spoons!

Freeport Bar & Grill
8259 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA
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You hear about "hidden gems" all the time, and this is certainly one of them.  Off the beaten path, you either pass it unintentionally, or are brought here by locals who know where to find some of the best ribs in the area.

Dress up.  Or don't.  Anything goes.  I arrived wearing jeans and a hoodie, and was outdressed by only one lady at the bar in a beaded outfit, obviously enjoying the happy hour libation specials.

I was told "everything is good here".  Really?  I immediately challenged that by ordering a bowl of Clam Chowder, which arrived with a light sprinkling of shredded Parmesan and a dusting of chopped green onions.  Green onions?  Seriously?  I dove right in, discovering a generous helping of whole clams (no minced junk here) and a thick, complex soup with a myriad of flavors I could not immediately identify.  Additionally, I was convinced that ALL chowders should be topped with green onions.  What a delicious touch!

Soon thereafter came an embarrassingly large platter of St. Louis Ribs, slathered with barbecue sauce and topped with a large handful of fried shoestring onions.  As if that weren't enough, it was accompanied by a baked potato in GOLD foil and a side of sour cream, again topped with green onions.  Fancy!

It was love at first bite.  Was the giant knife on the platter meant to be used to hack into that baked potato?  Clearly, the ribs needed no assistance as the the pork delicately slipped off the bone upon each bite.  They were smoky, sticky and tender...much like the lady at the bar.

Half an hour later, I spent a portion of my food coma pontificating whether country music was the only option on this karaoke night.  I decided to call it a night and not find out.

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