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Palace Saloon

It's a historical landmark, but do you
need more reasons to drink here?

Palace Saloon
353 Main Street
Ferndale, CA

Palace Saloon is more than a mere watering hole for tourists who just inhaled way too many free samples at nearby Loleta Cheese Factory.  It’s home to one of the best Amaretto Sours I’ve had in Humboldt County.

This drinkery with a Victorian façade bills itself as the most Westernly bar in the continental United States.  I’m too lazy to research whether that’s true or not, but it sounds cool!  What I do know is that the barkeep is genuinely friendly, the locals were gracious and engaging,  and my drink was heavy on the Amaretto.  Plus, the exterior of the building is super cute – which should attract chicks, right?

My visit took place the weekend of the Kinetic Grand Championship, but well before the bar became packed as crazy-ass homemade sculptures made their way up the street to complete the final leg of the race.  Wacky or not, the event is good for business – it’s Palace Saloon’s busiest weekend of the year.  And who wouldn’t want to take shots as giant homemade moving poodles, bananas and pirate ships are heading your way?

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