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Blue Point Coastal Cuisine

Oysters' reproductive organs contain both eggs
and sperm.  Bon appetit!

Blue Point Coastal Cuisine
565 5th Street
San Diego, CA
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A funny thing happened while I was planning my last trip to San Diego: my cousin asked, "There's a place in the Gaslamp Quarter with $1 oysters during happy hour.  Wanna go?"

I had to chuckle since my answer to that question will always be "HELL YES" followed by "stop asking dumb questions".

So there we were, butts atop barstools shoveling order after order of oysters and jumbo shrimp (oh yeah, those were a buck apiece, too) into our mouths as if we hadn't eaten huge pancake breakfasts and deep-fried lunches already.  Every now and then we'd mix it up with some bread, but those juicy bivalves were the highlight.  Truth be told, we wanted to wait for the rest of our party to arrive before starting, but our 90-minute window was quickly shrinking!  At least that's what we told ourselves as we slurped from dozens of shells.

If I received a buck for every time we uttered, "Another order, my good man!" to our server, I would have used them on more oysters.  Or, perhaps, a bigger tip for our server for acting so condescending.

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