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Dairy Belle

Riptide!  Riptide!

Dairy Belle
2285 W. Tennyson
Hayward, CA
Dairy Belle Freeze on Urbanspoon

I love, love, LOVE places like this!  Sure, it looks and feels like a Dairy Queen knock-off, but can you really pass up a roadside joint run by Asians that serves burgers, ice cream...and Mexican food?

Skip the Mexican food.

Order the 1/4-lb. Burger with its perfectly toasted bun and charred patty, piled high with juicy tomatoes and pickles and crisp lettuce.  Bypass the soda in lieu of a Riptide: soft-serve blended with your choice of candy or fresh fruit...I highly recommend strawberry!

So, so yummy.

And if you're lucky, maybe you, too, will be forced to witness a single mother breast-feeding three feet from you!  Egad.

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