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The National Yo-Yo Museum

Don't try this at home.
The National Yo-Yo Museum
Chico, CA

This museum boasts as many yo-yoers as a Weight Watchers meeting, and even features a 256-pounder!  I'm referring, of course, to a working 256-pound yo-yo which was once a world record holder.

The National Yo-Yo Museum houses a truly extensive collection of yo-yos, international memorabilia, print ads and other items such as cereal box premiums.  Gather inspiration from performance videos shown on-site or from one of several hobbyists practicing their skills on any given day.  Take some lessons to refine your abilities at Walking the Dog or the Double Gerbil (!); once you've mastered those without clocking your grandmother in the head, consider entering a regional contest in order to work your way up to the National Championship held each October in Chico.

Having difficulty Splitting the Atom?  Keep practicing.  Like yo-yos themselves, life has its ups and downs.

The Prince and Michael Experience - 04/07/12

I want one of these!
The Prince and Michael Experience
San Francisco, CA

I'd like to meet the geniuses behind this event who thought that two DJs battling via Prince and Michael Jackson classics, rare tracks and remixes would attract a crowd.  No, really.  They're geniuses.

"Experience" partygoers have celebrated the music of Prince and MJ for nearly a decade.  These events, held in multiple cities, pay homage to two of the greatest musicians of the 80s, also known as the greatest decade in music history to everyone in my household, including my dog.

Will "Say, Say, Say" be featured?  Probably.  "Batdance"?  One can only dream.

Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation

Durham, CA

Lions and tigers and bears...seven bucks!

This sanctuary houses and cares for exotic animals from all over the world, including those with special needs like injuries and other medical conditions.  Coming from both captivity and the wild, this collection of creatures includes foxes, lemurs, servals, wallabies and several varieties of reptiles.  The Foundation provides educational programs on-site and throughout the local communities, and depends on donations and grants to sustain the business.

Guided tours are available, but (unlike the animals) you're also free to roam about and watch as massive snow leopards and bobcats are fed and attended to by handlers who'll happily answer your questions.

Over 1,000 pounds of meat are fed to the animals each day.  After witnessing a Siberian Tiger devour chicken parts, bones and all, you may rethink that Popeye's lunch you were planning on.

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