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Original Farmers Market

Reason #34,917 to ditch work in LA

Original Farmers Market
Los Angeles, CA

The Original Farmers Market has some of the best people-watching. Granted, there are plenty of prime locations for that activity around Los Angeles, so let me clarify by saying that this setting is a bit more...sophisticated, if you will.  You'll find shoppers with insatiable palates who appreciate the craft that goes into making homemade toffee. They know there's a world of difference between ice cream and gelato. Here, there is no one around dressed as Spiderman or Spongebob milking kids' parents over photo opportunities.

Early arrival affords you the chance to watch vendors prep their stalls and witness eager shoppers and diners jockeying for first position at these stalls.  Locals arrive with two hand carts to fill with fresh produce and other groceries.  Casual shoppers may make several trips around the market, coffee in hand, before deciding between crab benedict, crepes or huevos rancheros.

Not an early bird?  No problem.  The market will be buzzing with activity no matter what time you choose to roll your lazy ass out of bed. If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, however, leave the attitude at home unless you want to learn new curse words in any of the two dozen languages spoken by vendors and customers each day.  Puta ka!

Quicksilver Ranch

Yes, I'm aware of how cute I am.

Quicksilver Ranch
Solvang, CA

Some things are just more adorable in miniature, such as donuts, golf...and mental breakdowns.

Horses are no exception to this rule.  Quicksilver Ranch owners Aleck and Louise Stribling have been breeding miniatures since the early 80s, and they welcome travelers from all over the world to visit their expansive ranch to experience these creatures in their beautiful, tranquil environment.

Should your kid pull a Veruca Salt and insist on taking one home, you'll be delighted to find that many minis are indeed up for sale.

Guess what else can be found in miniature?  This article.

The 31st Annual Clam Chowder Cook Off & Festival - 02/25/12

Soup's on!

The 31st Annual Clam Chowder Cook Off & Festival
Santa Cruz, CA

A bit of genius was used when creating the Schedule of Events for this annual fundraiser benefiting the City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department.  Public tastings don't begin until 1:00pm, which gives chowder heads plenty of time to enjoy the Giant Dipper and Double Shot boardwalk rides prior to having lunch.  Enjoy those activities in reverse and...well, I think you have an idea of what might happen.

A mere $9 gets you a Tasting Kit which includes a bowl and spoon (naturally) as well as five tasting tickets and two People's Choice ballots. Vote for your favorite Boston and Manhattan chowders as contestants are eligible for round-trip airline tickets as well as cash prizes.

Join in the fun by bringing your camera and taking pictures with costumed participants.  Track down the "Clam Fairy" and your weekend will be complete!  Let's hope that one's a female.

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