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Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival - 04/13/13 - 04/14/13 & 04/20/13 - 04/21/13

Allergies, schmallergies.  Where's the tonkatsu?

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival
San Francisco, CA

Cherry blossoms, you are the bane of my existence.  Once a year, you turn walks to my grandmother’s house into treacherous trips that end up in allergy headaches and clogged sinuses.  Boo.

Would that keep me from attending a festival in your honor, however?  Nope.  I’m not giving up on walks to visit Grandma, so I’m certainly not giving up a visit to San Francisco’s Japantown for origami exhibits, sword fighting, a huge food bazaar, and a photo opp with Hello Kitty at the Sanrio Kids Corner.  I mean, that would be crazy!

Finally, a chance to convince friends who’ve been living under rocks that Japanese culture stretches beyond California rolls (ugh) and Pokemon!  Kick back watching the Grand Parade, check out the Children’s Tsuzumi (Japanese drum) Challenge, and choose your favorite model in the Anima Fashion Show.

Yes, there will probably be funnel cakes.  It’s still a festival, after all.

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