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Pippi's Longstockings

Sock it to me!
Pippi's Longstockings
Fort Bragg, CA

I never thought I'd be desperately shopping for socks during the summertime until I arrived in Fort Bragg, forgetting that beach areas can drop to nipple-protruding temperatures once the sun goes down.

Pippi's offers a colorful array of socks, tights, legwarmers and related accessories, although I was disappointed not to find any Pippi Longstocking merchandise.  I practically wore out that cassette tape each time I checked it out from my public library growing up.  Yep, I said library.  At any rate, you can't go wrong here if the goal is to keep those little piggies toasty; you'll find everything from soccer socks to fishnets to Hello Kitty knee-highs.

Stock up early on those birthday or holiday gifts.  Is it weird to stuff stockings into Christmas stockings?...

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