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Beaumont Cherry Festival - 06/06/13 - 06/09/13

A great time stems (ha!) from these little beauties!

Beaumont Cherry Festival
Beaumont, CA

Festivals require a few important elements: tasty food, great entertainment, wacky visitors and a reason to celebrate.  The city of Beaumont in Riverside County is getting ready to hold their annual Cherry Festival, a continuing tradition for nearly 100 years, which has all the key ingredients for a good time…and more.

The parade on Saturday morning is one of the main attractions, drawing what seems to be the entire town to watch dozens of entries on floats, in cars and on horseback.  Cheer troops, scout groups and various local organizations will be on hand, with planes cruising overhead to kick off the festivities.

The biggest draw, however, are the cherries.  Come for the cherry pies, cherry turnovers, cherry jam, and any number of cherry-themed treats.  And don’t worry, plenty of other food vendors will be available once you come down from your sugar crash.  Once you’re stuffed, take a stroll around the festival and you’ll find exciting games, breathtaking carnival rides and a classic car show to keep you busy.  You can even hold your own impromptu pit-spitting contest to the tunes of local bands.  How fun is that?

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