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Sacramento Beekeeping Supplies

What's the buzz all about?  Find out for yourself!

Sacramento Beekeeping Supplies
Sacramento, CA

After my visit here, I may never buy honey from a grocery store again.

I arrived mildly curious about what it takes and costs to start up a nice little hive, and whether they sold those huge hats and veils in case I ever needed an impromptu Halloween costume as Lady Gaga.

Two steps into the store, I saw something that grabbed my attention; I immediately made a beeline (ha!) to the honey tasting bar.

Just as wines can be differentiated by the grapes and the regions from which they came, honey takes on subtle flavor notes according to the flowers visited by the bees.  At the tasting bar, you can sample honeys that taste like berries, butterscotch or oranges.  My favorite, Coastal Wildflower, is a rich, almost caramel-like flavor that you can eat from a spoon as if it were an ice cream sundae topping.  If I could, I'd bring my own buttermilk biscuits next time.

The mixed flower honeys, including Coastal Wildflower, are kept warm in large dispensers.  Bring your own container or purchase inexpensive jars and plastic squeeze bears and they'll fill them up for only a few bucks a pound.

Besides honey and beekeeping supplies, you'll find honey-based confections, soap and candle making items, and health products such as propolis and royal jelly, a substance secreted by worker bees' head glands and used in some skin care products.  Why not rub that all over your face?

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