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California State Fair - 07/12/13 - 07/28/13

So many choices!

California State Fair
Sacramento, CA

The State Fair is here, and my colon couldn’t be more excited!

I prep for the State Fair the same way each year, and that preparation includes several days of cardio and weight training in anticipation of a day-long marathon of gorging on sweets and fried delicacies.  What’s on the menu this year?  How about a 24-ounce steak on a 17-inch cow rib (the Big Beef Rib), Chocolate-Covered Corn Dog, or Deep Fried Burger?  And you’ve gotta love any snack served by the brick, specifically their famous Curly Fries.  If you’re hankering for something sweet, a few bucks will get you Spaghetti Ice Cream, Deep-Fried Fruity Pebbles, and a dessert billed as the World’s Largest Gelato Waffle Cone.  Wash it all down with a Mocha Freeze or Italian Soda.

There are plenty of things to see and do while your chewing and attempting to digest a weekend’s worth of calories.  This year’s concert series features 80s crooners Air Supply and Kool & the Gang as well as other performers from the 90s and today that I’m too uncool to recognize.  Other special events include flat track motorcycle racing, demolition derbies and the Brewer’s Festival at the Miller Lite Grandstand.  You can even pay tribute to the late Huell Howser and pose with his life-size cardboard cutout.

And let’s not forget the mainstay of the fair…all of those exhibits that remind us there are some third graders out there with more imagination in their pinkie fingers than we'll ever be able to muster up.  Award-winning art, woodworking and handicrafts will be on display, highlighting Californians’ creativity and convincing me there’s more to life than spending hours of precious spare time on Facebook and Twitter.

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