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Museum of Death

The best museum in L.A....no bones about it!

Museum of Death
Hollywood, CA

I can't seem to get enough of the "dark side".  I'll watch autopsies on TLC, ancient burial methods on the History Channel, and will call it a day if I run across a marathon of Family Plots, an A&E Channel series about a family-owned mortuary.

Admit it.  It fascinates you, too.  That's precisely why you should make your way to the Museum of Death in Hollywood, a veritable mecca of items such as morgue photography, letters from death row inmates and artwork by serial murderers.  Have a strong stomach?  Spend an afternoon watching embalming tutorials, studying the Heavens Gate cult recruiting video, and perusing crime scene shots.  You can even examine replicas of execution devices.

Great place for a marriage proposal, right?  Might put that "till death do us part" stuff in perspective.

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