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Computer History Museum

Here's a photo of a bunch of stuff way over my head.

Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA

Imagine a world without computers: no sexting, no DVRs to record your Real World marathons, and no microwaves to nuke your Hot Pockets. There goes your Friday night.

A trip to the Computer History Museum will make you even more grateful for technology as you learn about Charles Babbage, a pioneer from the late 1700s who designed the first "automatic computing engine" that weighed several tons from over 8,000 parts.  And you thought having last year's iPhone was inconvenient.

Check out vintage computer brochures, learn about the history of computer chess, and pay tribute to the Hall of Fellows, a group of men and women who've made significant contributions to the industry.  Afterwards, head over to the cafe and enjoy a dessert panini while you stalk your high school crush via Facebook on your Blackberry.

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