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Linden Cherry Festival - 05/18/13

Missing this event would be a pit-y!

Linden Cherry Festival
Linden, CA

I must admit that as a young whippersnapper I probably consumed more processed cherries than raw cherries.  A big treat for me back in the day was that crackling of the waxed paper wrapper as I tore open the package of a Hostess Cherry Pie.  I mean, really: soft, flaky crust, encasing juicy cherries and whatever that cherry gel stuff was made of, all glazed with icing.  I want one now!

Now that I’m all grown up (ha!), I try my best not to devour such calorie bombs.  Last summer, I bought a cherry pitter, and officially became a “real” cherry fan.  Full of antioxidants, I ate them by the bowlful.  Did you know that could really upset your stomach?  I didn’t.

Full of cherry orchards and a hub for cherry picking and processing activities, Linden is the perfect small town to host the annual festival, which boasts a car show, parade, bake-off and the ever-popular pie eating contest (not the Hostess ones).  Come to win, because losing is the pits!  Sorry about that one.

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