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Willow Creek - China Flat Museum

BELIEVE!  Or don't.  I'm not the boss of you.

Willow Creek, CA

If you ever find yourself in Willow Creek fishing, camping, rafting, or because you took a seriously wrong turn off the 101, make some time for the Willow Creek – China Flat Museum.

Why?  Because this town is known as “The Gateway to Bigfoot Country”.

The Bigfoot Exhibit chronicles an extensive collection of information, footprint casts, photos and other “evidence” of the creature’s existence.  Hundreds of articles document nearly a century’s worth of eyewitness accounts, some which are chilling and some with enough scientific reasoning that naysayers may be forced to at least consider the possibility that there is (or was) something out there.

Don’t miss the Blacksmith Shop and Miner’s Cabin, sure to make you thankful for everyday conveniences like electricity and mattresses more than an inch thick.  Be vigilant upon your departure, and if you see fresh 16-inch footprints anywhere, watch your back!

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