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Casa de Fruta

Riding in circles is fun!

Casa de Fruta
Hollister, CA

Oh, Casa.  You are, indeed, the "Best Place to Stop For a Pee Break". You are also likely a blessing to anyone driving with children; they can work off some energy on the carousel and train, the effects of which will knock them out for a good couple of hours as you continue to head down to L.A. or up to Sacramento or even further up to Portland or Seattle (to that I say, "UGH").

Casa de Fruta's roots began in the early 1900s, and it remains a family-run business which has expanded to include separate "casas" for wines and sweets as well as an on-site restaurant, fruit stand and RV park. Children can enjoy the duck pond in the playground area.  Parents can unload their bladders, then unload their wallets on an unlimited number of treats such as chocolate-covered dried fruits, hot and spicy nuts, or...mesquite flour.  Yeah, mesquite flour!

A tip for y'all: some of the snacks are displayed in open barrels and bins, so dig from the bottom.  Just sayin'...

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