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Sacramento Chef Challenge - 06/23/12

Unlimited Tiramisu Cupcakes: need I say more?

Sacramento Chef Challenge
Sacramento, CA

I am a sucker for fundraisers.  Car wash from total strangers?  No thanks. Car wash to raise money for your cheerleading squad/ Boy Scout troop/ drug and alcohol rehab group?  Well, now I can be coerced.

Naturally, fundraisers involving food are a no-brainer for me.  While $35 is enough for dinner, a movie and a post-movie trip to Target's dollar aisle, it can be better spent to support INALLIANCE, a non-profit organization providing programs for the developmentally disabled in and around Sacramento.

At the heart of it, the Sacramento Chef Challenge is just that: a competition between local chefs, a la "Iron Chef", who work against the clock to create a variety of dishes with secret ingredients within a limited time frame.  But there is so much more to this event.  Imagine a venue chock full of food and beverage vendors offering unlimited samples of their best dishes: foamy microbrews, edamame bruschetta will grilled asparagus and shaved parmesan, butter brickle frozen coffees and tiramisu cupcakes.

It's like Costco, but with superior grub - and without the whiny brats pushing you aside to beat you to the microwaved corn dogs on toothpicks.  That should sound like a pretty nice Friday night for most people.

Sacramento SPCA Doggy Dash - 06/09/12

<Yawn> You realize it's Saturday, right?

Sacramento SPCA Doggy Dash
Sacramento, CA

As if gorgeous summer weather and much-needed exercise in the fresh air weren't reason enough to participate in this year's Doggy Dash, consider the fact that it's one of the SPCA's largest fundraisers of the year, drawing thousands of individuals crazy about canines.  Oh yeah...you can bring your bitch, too!

(And the answer is YES, I try to include the word "bitch" in every dog article.)

Based on your energy levels at 9am on Saturday mornings, you can choose between a 2K or 5K walk; and the jaunt is just the start of this event filled with doggy shenanigans. The post-walk Bark at the Park Festival includes demonstrations, Pug races, and a myriad of contests centered around looks and personality: highlights include the "So Ugly I'm Cute", "Fluffiest Dog" and "Most Enthusiastic Wag" competitions.

In case you're wondering, strollers are allowed; just accept the fact you'll be subject to (deserving) ridicule if Killer is napping inside.

The Sacramento SPCA Spring Book Sale - 05/12/12 - 05/20/12

Buy a book, help a pup!

The Sacramento SPCA Spring Book Sale
Sacramento, CA

If I could pinpoint the exact reason or moment or whatever it is that makes an avid young reader suddenly despise books altogether, I'd probably be a rich girl.

In grade school, I adored books.  I loved reading and being whisked away to a faraway land.  I enjoyed going to the library and perusing the colorful book covers and choosing the most interesting-looking one (this was before I learned that whole "don't judge a book by its cover" concept - thanks, Judy Blume).

Once I hit high school, it was all over.  Why are these textbooks so boring?  Where are the wonderfully animated illustrations?  And, more importantly, why am I breaking my back carrying around forty pounds of them five days a week?  I guess the love affair had ended.

The Sacramento SPCA's Spring Book Sale is a great place to get reacquainted with your favorite authors or genres at reasonable prices.  Books are gently used, span every subject imaginable and all proceeds benefit the SPCA.  There are thousands to choose from, and rightfully so - this is a nine-day event!

Pick up a book (or a dozen), set your laptop/iPad/Kindle aside, and enjoy the satisfaction of curling up with a good read once again. You still remember how to turn pages, right?  Right.

Make-A-Wish Foundation and Morton's the Steakhouse Texas Hold'em Tournament - 02/25/12

Poker in the rear!
Make-A-Wish Foundation and Morton's The Steakhouse Texas Hold'em Tournament
Sacramento, CA

Poker is fun.  Eating is even more enjoyable.  Combine that with a fantastic cause, and you've got a great little excuse to choose gaming over whatever baby shower/dental work/babysitting gig you're trying to avoid that day ("Come on, it's for the KIDS!").

Capitol Casino will transform the restaurant into the tournament room for one day only. Your individual entry fee secures your seat in the tournament while you nosh on Morton's signature cuisine and drinks.  Silent auction items include Android tablets, keg parties, and handgun training...everything you need to impress the ladies.

Entertainment will also be provided by the tournament player who goes out on the bubble after getting his aces cracked by 10-4 offsuit.  Sweet!

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