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People ask me the same questions all the time: “Do you ever stop eating?” “Why are your ponytails always cocked to the side?” “No, seriously…do you ever stop eating?”

On Fridays, it’s “What are you doing this weekend?”

Just because you’re content with sitting on the couch watching Full House reruns with a bag of Cheetos on your lap, it doesn’t mean things have stopped happening outside the confines of your home. With each passing second, people are learning to hang glide or walk tightropes for the first time. Someone just drove 3 hours to try a particular restaurant’s famous pea soup. And yet another is getting ready to judge a bacon bikini contest. Or sandcastle contest. Or bull testicle cook-off.

Point is, there is plenty to do out there…if you’re willing to do it. And if you’re like me, you start planning your weekend the moment you get to work on Monday morning.

You can thank me later for sifting through hundreds of websites, newspapers, local periodicals and tourism brochures to bring you the most fun, exciting, and memorable goings-on in the area. Oddities, curiosities, roadside attractions and more are all featured here, as well as the spots to quench your thirst and hunger along the way.

Got something to contribute? Go ahead and “Submit Your Idea”. If I deem it worthy, I'll feature it and you'll earn come cool merchandise!

In the meantime, enjoy a veritable buttload of ideas served up on a silver platter. This has been hard f@#$%ing work!

Stacy Barawed
CEO and Founder